Youth Accounts

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FirstEnergy Family Credit Union serves your entire household with youth accounts offering something different for your young ones.

Kirby Kangaroo Account: ages 5-12

CUSucceed Account: ages 13-18


Kirby Kangaroo Account

logo Kirby-OvalThe Kirby Kangaroo Club is a fun, educational program that allows young savers ages 5-12 to learn important lessons about money.

Through the Kirby Kangaroo Club, children can develop good savings habits and learn how their credit union works. Member of the Kirby Kangaroo Club will receive their membership card, passbook, coin saver, quarterly newsletters, birthdays cards and access to a specially designed Web site.

Click here to view the kid friendly Kirby Kangaroo Club Web site.

Open a Kirby Kangaroo Club Account for the special child in your life and watch their excitement and knowledge grow



CUSucceed Teen Accounts

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 The CU Succeed teen club is a great way for teenagers to learn how to better manage their fainances.  

Our CUSucceed teen financial network features informative and entertaining quarterly newsletter and a super-cool interactive web site to help teens like you learn about money and credit.

On the CUSucceed web site, you'll find information on choosing a college to attend, finding a job, planning for your career and other links to great web sites just for teens!

To check out the CUSucceed web site designed for teens, just point your browser to CUSucceed Website.

Open a CUSucceed Account for the special teen in your life and watch their and knowledge grow.