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Eligible Membership

 We know you expect more from your credit union 
that's exactly what you get from FirstEnergy Credit Union

All current and retired employees of the FirstEnergy Companies and their families
are eligible to join FirstEnergy Family Credit Union.

You hold the key to earning more and paying less.


90206853All current and retired employees of the FirstEnergy Companies / First Communications are eligible to join the credit union and take advantage of our attractive dividend rates and low loan rates. Our field of membership includes members and their families; that is, persons related by blood, adoption or marriage to or living in the same household with a person having the common bond, as well as surviving spouses of persons who have left the field of membership in good standing. When an individual leaves the field of membership, all persons who are members by virtue of his or her membership may continue as members.

Why should I join a credit union?
Its up to you!

Credit union's are people places!  They care!  Each year, unbiased research in Consumer Reports shows that consumers are far more happier with the personal service available from credit unions than with any other financial alternatives.  That's becuase credit union's are MEMBER OWNED.

Joining is easy!

In order to join FEFCU, you need to open a share account with $5.00 starting balance. To ensure that your money is safe and secure, all share accounts are federally insured up to $250,000.00 by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund, an agency of the United States Government. Your Insured Funds

Remember "Once a member always a member" even if you leave FirstEnergy, you and your family still belong to your credit union.

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Membership and joint ownership - the difference

You can designate anyone as joint owner of your account. Joint ownership, however, is not the same as FEFCU membership. The joint owner(s) can make deposits to, or withdrawals from, the joint account.

Your joint owner(s) is not automatically a member of FirstEnergy Family Credit Union. If a joint owner is within the field of membership, he or she can become a member by completing a separate membership application and returning it with at least $5. Only members are entitled to borrow from FEFCU, to vote in FEFCU elections.

Preserving your membership

Once a member of FirstEnergy Credit Union, you are entitled to use the services of your credit union for life. You can change employers, move and retire. Your FEFCU membership is a foundation that can last a lifetime. "Once a member, always a member." To keep your membership active, you must maintain a Share Savings balance of $5 or more.

Remember, if you close your account, you cannot reopen it unless you are still in or return to our field of membership.

Why Can't I Join?

"Why can't I join?" The answer is probably the most frequently misunderstood. It's not our choice, it's the law!

Credit unions are allowed to serve only their members. As a credit union, FirstEnergy Family Credit Union receives a charter authorization to operate. That charter spells out in detail just who is eligible for membership in FirstEnergy Family Credit Union. Each of the over 7,000 federal credit unions has such a charter. Non-federal credit unions have similar charters granted by the states in which they operate.

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FirstEnergy Family Credit Union
575 White Pond Drive, Suite E
Akron, Ohio 44320-1184
(330) 535-3611
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*Home Equity Loans – APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Rates as low as 3.99% for up to 60 months. Actual rate may vary based on credit worthiness and the terms of the loan. Your rate can be higher depending on credit performance. Financing up to 80% of the appraised value of primary residence is available. Rates are subject to change without notice. Home Equity loans currently financed through the credit union may be subject to additional processing fees. For a limited time, FEFCU will pay all processing fees up to $400. Processing fees include appraisal, flood determination, title search, title insurance, mortgage document preparation and recording fees. $400 based on a $43,000 loan on a primary residence located in Summit County. Additional fees may apply based on amount of loan and county in which the primary residence is located. To qualify for the limited time, "Low Fee" special you must draw $30,000 for your first advance for 36 months. Actual rates, fees, and terms are based on those offered as of the date of application and are subject to change without notice. If you pay-off the loan for any reason within 36 months, a $400 fee reimbursement charge will apply to reimburse processing fees. NMLS ID: 813333

1 - Vehicle Loans – *APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Rates as low as 2.99% for up to 60 months. Actual rate may vary based on credit worthiness, age of vehicle and the terms of the loan. Your rate can be higher depending on credit performance. Financing up to the NADA average retail value of the vehicle is available. Rates are subject to change without notice.

*Vehicle loan gas card – This offer is valid only for loans over $10,000 with a minimum term of 24 months. Loans currently financed with FEFCU are not eligible for this offer.